Company Profile

Vintec is one of the rare few companies that specialize in wine cabinets. Being one of the leading brands and pioneers in the wine cellaring industry, Vintec is devoted to designing and manufacturing wine cabinets with strong expertise in the thermodynamics of proper wine storage. Vintec has developed a line up of dozen of wine cabinets with various features to cater to different requirements and purposes.

Vintec was first brought into Hong Kong by Shun Hing Group in 1990s. Throughout the years Vintec has been keen in launching different models with the latest technology and innovative features. The latest Allure Series combines aesthetic design and eco technology, providing a stylish and superior choice for wine cabinets. Nowadays, Vintec has become one of the most popular brands of wine cabinets in Hong Kong.

"I am totally delighted with my Vintec wine cabinet; it combines elegance and functionality of the highest order."

- Australian wine writer, critic & panelist